3D printing photo booth has long existed in Spain

Nov.14, 2012 -   ThreeDee-You, a Madrid-Spain based photo studio has beeen producing 3d sculptures of people since June 2010. More

3D printed Mykita Mylon 2012 eyewear collection

Nov.13, 2012 -   At the eyewear fair this month in Paris, eyewear designer Mykita showcased Mylon eyewear, a collection of luxury sports sunglasses... More

Anatomica di Revolutis: 3rd Industrial Revolution Kickstarter Project by Joshua Harker 

Nov.13, 2012 -  Joshua Harker, sculptor and artistic visionary, is today launching a new project on Kickstarter.com: Anatomica di Revolutis.  More 

3D printing fashion accessories with nylon 

Nov.11, 2012 -  Kaadee404 purchased and built a 3D printer Kit but making gears, robots or toys didn't seem to interest her. She wanted to make fashion accessories with a high quality feel. More 

Creative use of 3D printing: A sandstone block built from lego 

Nov.11, 2012 -  The video below shows a very creative use of 3D printing: Greg Petchkovsky mixes digital sculpture with real objects using 3D photoscan software and 3D printing. More 

World's first 3D printing photo booth to open in Japan

Nov.10, 2012 -   This is probably the first 3D printing photo booth in the world: Omote 3D in Harajuku, Japan will open a 3D printing photo booth for a limited time at the exhibition space EYE OF GYRE. More

NASA using 3D printing to build the next generation of rockets 

Nov.9, 2012 -  NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. is using a method called selective laser melting, or SLM, to create intricate metal parts for the largest rocket ever built. More 

Using 3D printing to re-imagine classic Eames chair

Nov.9, 2012 -   Eames chair is probably the most important chair in the history, designed in 1948 by designer Charles Eames, it was one of the first products in Charles and wife Ray's line of mass-produced molded plastic chairs. More

US army researchers use Printrbot 3D printer for rapid prototypes 

Nov.9, 2012 -  Since mid-September a smaller, low-cost 3D printer has been running at SMDC's Future Warfare Center Innovative Ventures Office. More 

How to 3D print a Google Earth building using DIY 3D printer

Nov.8, 2012 -   techshopzack at Instructables has written an easy-to-follow tutorial summarizing how to 3D print a real life building from Google earth. What you will need is pretty simple. More

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