Nov.2, 2011

If you ever read the book "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" from German writer Patrick Süskind, you could get an idea of the sense of smell and its relationship with the emotional meaning that scents may carry. 

What if somebody tells you that the internet can also smell like what you want it to smell like? Here comes the Olly project.

Olly was developed by Mint Foundry, a graduate design lab at Mint Digital dedicated to exploring the potential of web-connected objects.

Once you connect it with internet, Olly takes services on the Internet and delivers their pings as smell. It is a small rectangular device and has a removable section at the back which you can fill with any smell you like.

For 3ders Olly is designed exactly for you. You can actually design yourself how you want Olly look like. All of the 3D models are available free and editable. You can make as many stacks as you want, each stacks stores one of your favorite smell. Your twitter, your facebook, they can all smell as what you like.


Source: Olly

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Liat wrote at 4/23/2012 6:04:59 PM:

Where can i purches this devise and what is the price?



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