Nov.10, 2011

People talk about one day library will cease to exist. Library and librarians are looking for ways to survive. Sometimes you just need the ability to think creatively and critically - to question what you read and hear, to utilize the resources you have, to open your mind and expand your vision, and then to put everything in the right place. It is not just for libraries, it should be an essential skill of life. 

Librarian Lauren Smedley thinks critically and creatively. She is in the process of creating The Fayetteville Free Library, where she works, to be the first maker-library in US. Smedley is building a FabLab (Short for fabrication laboratory) to provide the public an free access to 3D printers and machines for making things. 

KQED's Mindshift writes:

So far, the Fab Lab is equipped with a MakerBot, a 3D printer that lets you “print” plastic pieces of your own design. The potential for 3D printers to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it is huge: imagine being able to design and then manufacture — or “print” — whatever you want. Moreoever, imagine the tools of manufacturing being in the hands of everyone, not just giant factories (and remember, since this is a public library, this is really putting the technology in the hands of everyone, not just those that can afford a membership at a traditional hackerspace).

Smedley says she plans on adding other equipment as well, including a CNC Router and a laser cutter. Smedley helped her library win a $10,000 innovation grant at the recent Contact Summit in New York and is also raising money via an Indiegogo campaign. She’s reaching out to local science teachers, as well as encouraging those already active in area hackerspaces and makerspaces to get involved. Her plans also include offering free classes and programs for the community, including Introduction to 3D Printing, 3D design software training, computer programming, and Geek Girl Camps. library with 3d printer

Check out the video below:

Source: KQED

Pictures: Fayetteville Free Library, by Lauren  Smedley

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