Dec.16, 2011

There are a lot of 3D printed applications for IPhone out there, but for Kindle not many. Brooklyn-based Pieco has invented an excellent accessory for Kindle "The Kapsule Lightstand". Smart design - it gets its power straight from the Kindle with power, and it has a slide-out kickstand for hands-free reading.

The Kapsule Lightstand clips on to the backside of Kindle and goosenecks can be pushed out from the top and bottom. By pulling the one at the top you get light on, and you are allowed to adjust the light as you prefer. The gooseneck at the bottom is an adjustable stand and that can keep your hands free.

It is designed to work with the Amazon Kindle 3, AKA the Kindle Keyboard, but not the DX, the Touch or the Kindle 4, or any previous models. The latter may come later, according to Pieco.

This Kapsule Lightstand is 3D printed by Shapeways and that ensures a good quality product. At you can get yourself a fully assembled Kapsule Lightstand with a pledge of $40. You can choose to from $1 or up to $500 for different rewards. The great thing that Pieco is they are going to turn over all the designs to the community once the Kapsule hits the maketplace. Sharing is caring, isn't it.

(photo credit: kickstarter)

Via Shapeways & kickstarter

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