Dec.16, 2011

Do you want to discover who is behind Buildatron Systems, the Brooklyn based 3D printer manufacturer, and where do they produce the 3D printers and how their Buildatron 2 works? Then follow the tour lead by M. David Stone. Stone made a full report of his tour at the Buildatron manufacturing facility. 

Here is where they work and produce Buildatron 3D printers: the Greenpoint Lofts building in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.

Buildatron is founded by three young men, James Wolff, Dan Liotti, and Zach Hines(below in the photo, from left to right). They made their first printer in September 2011 based on the Crusa Mendel RepRap design. By December this year the Buildatron 2 generation is ready for the market. The price tag is US$1,500 for DIY kit and $2,500 for fully assembled, quite competitive comparing with other brands DIY and assembled 3D printer, check out our 3D printer price list for a good comparison. 

The Buildatron Case is made of Aluminum, with large vents in the back which can let heat escape easily. The Buildatron 2 use 12 LM8UU bearings which could give printer the consistent X, Y, and Z movement system. It also has 4 times the print volume at approximately 8in x 8in x 5in (200mm x 200mm x125mm) compared to the class standard of 4in x 4in x 5in. The printer can print multiple objects at a time as long as they fit on the platform. As you can see from the photo below that each square represents one print job.

Watch the Buildatron Series 2 replicator in action:

(photo credit: pcmag)

Via pcmag & Buildatron

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Sam K wrote at 12/22/2011 12:04:27 AM:

I was looking into a few different machines and saw Buildatron's 3D Printer. They are printing high res parts (looks better than Makerbot) and they are US based in my backyard! Cool find!

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