Dec.18, 2011

Is this our future 3D printer? New York based Designer André Dettler designed this DIY 3D printer for home use. The case is made of molded plastic and wood veneer that can match to your home decoration. On front side is a plug for iPhone that you can read and transmit statistics, progress, temperature and other data. It is simple but express the idea behind - a 3D printer could make our life much easier.

Antwerp-based design studio Unfold started Unfold Kiosk project aiming to explore a future scenario in which digital fabricators are so ubiquitous that we see them everywhere appear on street corners. The shape of this kiosk is just like a hotdog stand that you find everywhere in cities. 

The designers want to express that in future, 3D printing are so common in our life - you lost a key, a screw from your bike you just go down to the street and ask to print it out; kids can buy toys, stick of gum, candy bar; tourists can order those glittery souvenir key chain that they probably would never use. Familiar scenario isn't it, exactly the same as now, but instead of a guy with a cart full of stuff standing on street corner, there will be just one man with a 3D printer, and the cart is not full of finished products but printing materials.

I can't help recalling a animated short film made for the exhibition "Laboratory of Manufacture" at the museum Barcelona Design Hub. it is perfectly made and is a great and inspiring film describing our beautiful future with 3D printing technology. 

Is this our future? I can't wait to see. 

Via yankodesign & Unfold

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Marshall Cline wrote at 1/31/2012 11:24:53 AM:

I am so excited for the amazing advancements humanity will see because of the 3D printer.

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