Dec.20, 2011

Scientists at GE Global Research shared pictures and video of 3D printed ornament. Juan Pablo Cilia, a Rapid Prototyping Specialist at GE Global Research shows in the following video the entire process from his initial design drawings on the whiteboard to a computer-aided design (CAD) and actual printing process of the ornament.

"3-D printing techniques are creating beautiful ornaments that would not be possible using traditional manufacturing methods. It's beginning to look a lot like a '3-D' Christmas," said Prabhjot Singh, Manager of GE's Additive Manufacturing Lab. "

"The 3-D Christmas ornaments represent a creative way to showcase the possibilities in additive manufacturing to achieve revolutionary new product designs."

GE has already using 3D printing technology for parts and components of aircraft engines and has an innovative program in healthcare to simplify and reduce the cost of how ultrasound probes are made.

Singh said, "As 2012 rapidly approaches, members of GE's Additive Manufacturing Lab are looking forward to a very active year ahead. We will be hosting a technology summit on Additive Manufacturing, bringing in key stakeholders and thought leaders from industry, academia and government to discuss the future of this emerging manufacturing trend. We have only just begun to tap into its vast potential."

More photos are available at

via marketwatch

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