Jan.2, 2012

Inspired by the great success of Printrbot, parametric Printrbot variant is a parametric version of the Printrbot designed and kept the same principle to be "extremely simple". It is redesigned by Whosawhatsis in OpenSCAD for use with NEMA14 motors, 6mm rods, and LM6UU bearings.  

Showing below is the printrbot variant running Marlin. The source is on Github, this design is still a work in progress.

Caainho and FMendes75 from Portugal built Printf.bot RepRap 3D Printer according to Whosawhatsis' design. Their system is driven by R2C2 controller that makes 3D printer fast and accurate. 

This video shows R2C2 driving Printf.bot at 150mm/s and 3500mm/s^2 speed:

Here is Printf.bot's first print -- an Android Magnet

Great job, guys. We are expecting to see more progress of parametric Printrbot variant. Some more photos can be found at Wiki page of this new RepRap 3D Printer.

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