Jan.4, 2012


Makible is working on designing a $300 3D printer. $300? Yes, Makible’s co-founder Jon Buford announced it on its blog. This 3D printer named "Makibox" is designed to cost a lot less than the major 3D printers, while still providing the same functionality. It will be $200 cheaper than the hot Printrbot 3D printer!

Makible started the project in late November 2011 with the 1st prototype mechanism since they figured out a viable price for Makibox 3D printer. At the moment they are working on the 3rd iteration with the output size 150 x 110 x 110 mm, it is about A5 size. The design goal is to make the 3D printer small enough that you can have it on your desk and not take up half of it. The footprint of the whole thing, including a rack for a 1/2 kg spool of plastic will be 11" x 8.5" x 8.5" (280 x 210 x 210mm). Once it is finished it will be posted up for funding at Makible.com. This can be the cheapest 3D printer up to now. So stay tuned.

(Photo credit: Makible)

What is Makible? It is a Hong Kong based startup company aiming to create a community collaboration system that allows anyone to submit ideas, work together on projects and share profits. Makible was co-founded by American Jon Buford and Chinese American Nicholas Wang. Jon Buford has 10 years of experience designing and developing consumer electronics, and Nicholas Wang was responsible for creating LEGO's crowdfuning platform in Japan and has software, crowdsourcing / crowdfunding background. 

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