Jan.23, 2012

cocoon lamp objet 3d printer

This stunning Cocoon Lamp is inspired by Neri Oxman's "the beast", cocoon is also from the nature - a cocoon is a shell which protects the insect for their metamorphosis. It is created by Patric Günther at the Voxel Studio and 3d printed by Objet Technologies.

With the polyjet technologies from Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer, it is possible to print the Cocoon Lamp with more than just one material.

cocoon lamp objet 3d printer

The Cocoon Lamp consists of 3 materials:

1. The white and hard material "VeroWhite" is used for inner element of the lamp providing rigidity and disseminates and light can be reflected through its surface.

2. TangoBlackPlus is a flexible, rubber-like dark layer that is used for the surfaces of the side of the lamellae, this is for providing the desired color contrast and surface protection.

3. The cocoon is connected to the mounting element through a fitting at its lower end. This special fitting is printed out of "DigitalMaterial" which is the mixture of "VeroWhite" and "TangoBlackPlus" materials made from the PolyJet matrix technology. The result is mixed color - grey and mixed features - not stiff but also not completely flexible.

The Cocoon Lamp can be turned, laid or hung up in different positions and appear different effect. The design casts a warm honeycomb pattern on walls and providing an artistic effects and harmonized atmosphere.

Enjoy some more photos of this beautiful design:

cocoon lamp by objet 3d printer

cocoon lamp by objet 3d printer

Print and remove from the build tray:

objet 3d printer

objet 3d printer

objet 3d printer

(image courtesy of Voxel Studio)


Source: voxel studio & Objet

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