Feb.23, 2012

If you are a 123D user you are probably already familiar with the Gallery. Autodesk recently created the 123D Gallery, an online community where you can share your design or download an existing model. The gallery has an extensive category consisting of 3D models, images, props and parts for furnishings, electronics, industrial, architecture, sports & hobbies, vehicle etc.

The gallery allows you to demonstrate your own creations, meanwhile you can upload your design to the Gallery and let others to incorporate your content into their design.

The video below shows how you can access the 123D gallery from your browser or 123D application. You can then create and edit 3D models and upload to your own space online or publish to the community. When you press "make" button you can choose either 3D printing or laser cutting it to make it real.

More about 123D:

In 2011 Autodesk unveiled two free pieces of software 123D Catch and 123D Make that enable users to create a 3D model of photographs, which can then send the 3D model to a 3D printer or laser cutting machine.

Watch the video below SmartPlanet recently talked to Autodesk to see how it all works, this video originally is posted on SmartPlanet with the headline "Print 3D models out of your pictures."


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