Mar.13, 2012

Casio presented at CES in January a combination of a proprietary rendering technique and a custom 3D printer, which can make sculptures based on two dimensional pictures. If this is a nice try on creating a 3D sculpture from your photo, then a new patent-pending product line from is a real step to bring your photos to life.

Innovative technology company launches a new patent-pending product line to turn a standard 2D photo into a full-color 3D relief sculpture giving a lifelike feel to your photos.

Users can upload a standard 2D digital photo of people, pets, landscapes, paintings, cartoons or any other subject and will model a 3D depth map from the 2D flat photo using sophisticated software. If there is more people and objects in the scene this process will take longer.

Then a 3D relief sculpture will be printed out in full 24-bit color using a professional 3D printer. The relief sculptures are made of a hard resin composite but due to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch (sugar-coated) and some layering can be visible.

BumpyPhoto offers both full photo and cutouts(without background), and the sculptures can be as small as 1" and as large as 15"- or more on request. Prices start at $79 for a 4" BumpyPhoto, and a Bumpy Cutout is $89.

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