Mar.23, 2012

Cartesio is an interesting project. It is a desktop CNC machine, but it comes standard with a 3D print extruder and the Heated Bed build platform.

Cartesio is a project from Jos Scheepers, a Dutch electronics and mechanics designer and owner of MaukCC. The newest Cartesio M(edium) V0.5 has a large build volume of 200x200x200mm and the feedrates are limited to 18000mm/min for X and Y axis, and 1200mm/min for Z-axis. Cartesio has a proportional design that one can easily change the setup to make the machine bigger or smaller by only changing three components. The machine is designed to hold multiple tools in the toolhead. Except standard 3D print extruder and the Heated Bed build platform, you can choose tools you need in Tools catagory. Cartesio supports a wide range of tools such as engravers with software speed control, pick and place, plotter heads, 3D print heads and laser cutters etc. This design gives flexibility to print multiple colors or materials.

Made of lightweight aluminium extruded profiles, Cartesio is rigid and light. Its bed is supported on all 4 sides, and the tool moves in X and Y direction, the object only moves in Z-axis (up/down) so the larger objects will not have stress from (de)acceleration.

Cartesio M(edium) V0.5 is recently announced to be available for pre-order. The Cartesio M(edium) V0.5 DIY kit costs 1,725.50€ including tax and lead time is currently 3-6 weeks.

Watch the video below "Cartesio printing twisted bottle" you can notice the printing is ultra quiet comparing the most DIY 3D printers in the market.

Cartesio printing Extruder Idler at 35mm/sec.


Photo credit/source: Mauk CC


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Larry Branrley wrote at 5/18/2013 12:15:29 AM:

Could you include information about performance as a CNC machine and the process of changing between CNC and 3D Printer?

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