Apr.3, 2012

Silicon Valley startup MatterPort recently unveiled their new technology at Y-Combinator's Bi-Annual Demo Day, a new compact scanner that allows users to basically point a gun and do instantaneous scan-to-model of their surrounding environment, for example your house, without point clouds in the middle.

what's cool about Matterport is that no precision is needed. With a move of the hand, the device smartly scans the target and translates the shapes and features and builds up a highly detailed 3D model.

"We turn reality into 3D models and our scanner is 20 times faster and 18 times cheaper than any other tool on the market," says Matterport co-founder Michael Beebe, "We are creating fundamentally new technology, like the steam engine or the car." The team highlighted that its scanner is currently being used in the construction, film making, and real estate industries.

CEO Matt Bell worked previously in Google and then founded Reactrix, a company that creates interactive displays that let people play with virtual koi ponds and soccer balls. And the CTO, Dave Gausebeck, started at PayPal and was also one of the creator of CAPTCHA.

The implications of MatterPort scanner are not limited to these. Image, you can capture any 3D objects and scenes from the physical world turning them into virtual objects for use online, or send the model to a 3D printer to get a 3D replica.

MatterPort are currently working on projects with several clients to integrate 3D capture technology into their software systems.

Via venturebeat

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Chris McMahon wrote at 12/7/2015 8:37:42 PM:

Can these models be imported into Unity?

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