Apr.9, 2012

Most of us think it is very easy to have a 3D scanner and capture an object, yes the capture process is pretty simple, but this 3D scans is not ready for 3D printing. There could be a hole in the mesh, or inaccurate internal structure that you need to repair. How to do it? Tony Buser at Makerbot made this execellent step-by-step tutorial showing how he uses a variety of programs to fix 3D objects.

Programs used are several popular free or open source software, include:


This process can be used universally for any 3D-scanning software to fix a raw 3D object.



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nolightforyou wrote at 2/25/2013 3:06:50 AM:

This is an amazingly helpful video. Thank you so much for putting it out there. I feel as if I have been lost in a sea of new software and this video really helped. Two questions: 1). Has your process changed now that Autodesk 123D does a lot of these actions? Or do you find this is still the most preferable method? 2). What software can I use to patch over a already manifold hole in an object? (I have a scan of a sheep toy with a hole in its leg like a donut.). Or is there a way to copy/paste surfaces so that I can copy one of his good legs over? Thanks for the help!

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