Apr.11, 2012

We posted earlier that Adrian Bowyer's progress with multicolored printing. Myles Corbett took his idea and adapted on his Mendal.

In the beginning, though it was designed that the two color filaments are being driven synchronously but Myles made the grip screws of one extruder lose, so white was being driven intermittently and a gradient is formed.

And now Myles has another progress with the mixer nozzle. It has a small DC motor turning a stirrer in the brass hot end to churn the melt up, and a silicone O ring is used to seal it because Silicone can easily handle 250 C. The result is amazing, the red and blue filament in the photo below were mixed and print the part in purple, and without adding stripes.

photo credit: Myles Corbett

It is theoretically possible to print full-color 3D objects on a RepRap. Actually just in few days RepRapPro Mendel with multi-colour expansion capability will be in the market.

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