Apr.13, 2012

Inspired by increasing availability of digital technology and 3D printing, Ann Marie Shillito – an internationally recognized contemporary jeweller, and CEO and founder of Anarkik3D, creates Cloud9, a 3D modeling platform specifically for studio artists and designers.

Cloud9 is an artist-led software for 3D modelling with easy access into 3D printing. It is a virtual 3D digital sketchbook designed for 3D touch-based technology. It includes 3D touch feedback, a 3D mouse providing movement in three dimensions that you can touch and feel the 3 dimensional qualities of your design. You will have the freedom of movement in all directions: for flexibility to construct, interact and manipulate objects within a 3D space. You can also change hardness/softness of objects. This tool gives user a powerful sensation of touch by actually feeling a virtual object in 3D.

Whereas when using Cloud9 and its haptic companion you actually touch your virtual design and manipulate it in a familiar 3 dimensional environment. The haptic force feed-back provides a tactile, fluid and organic way of working which reflects the natural interactions experienced with real things, tools and processes.

"It lets me think in a way that I was used to thinking, in a physical sense. Cloud9 allows you to bring all of that knowledge with you." said artist Farah Bandookwala, Jerwood Makers Open 2011 Awardee. She began working with Cloud9 in combination with Rhino whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Much of her work created in Cloud9 also combines various other materials as well, such as steel and glass.

(Photo credit: Anarkik3D)

Cloud9 is at version 2 and Anarkik3D has selected IndieGoGo to raise funds for a target of £120,000 to boost awareness and increase revenue from sales as well as software optimization for version 3.

Anarkik3D has a range of perks designed for this campaign. Amongst these perks, including 3D printed collectibles, Anarkik3D's IndieGoGo contributors have the opportunity to receive this ground-breaking software, the haptic hardware and to benefit from their donations in receiving programming updates as they are released during development.


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