April 20, 2012

Inspired by the Ropatec wind rotor architect Margot Krasojevic designed this lamp that acts as a vertical axis wind turbine. The body of the light is attached to a vertical axis which turns a diode rotor that transforms the movement into light. The 3d printed shell traps wind which rotates the axis in turn generating and transforming this energy into light.

The air turbine light is 3D-printed using a white ceramic which is lightweight yet strong enough to be turned by wind.

The Air Turbine light comprises of the following main components:

  • A propeller mounted on a shaft, in this case the outer shell attached to the axis via an rotor arm.
  • An Alternator or Generator for producing the electricity when the shaft is rotated, in this instance a dynamo which lights the LED.

The digital model simulates the dynamic qualities of the design by working out and applying the physics of wind speeds and direction which has influenced the design and the aerodynamics of the form.


The light extracts energy from moving air by slowing down the wind, and transferring this harvested energy into a rotating arm, which turns the alternator or generator to produce electricity. The power available in the wind that can be harvested depends on wind speed and the area swept by the light.


Source: archello.com

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