April 30, 2012

TNO has been working for a long time developing Additive Manufacturing technology. They help improve the existing 3D printers such as getting higher accuracy, faster production and using more and more different materials.

TNO is working on the next generation of machines: Print Valley, the factory of the future. This technique enables companies to make products on site, able to order just-in-time when the products are needed. The products can be electronics components or consumer products such as shoes and phone covers, or even a prosthesis made of body friendly material with effective bone growth stimulation.

The Print Valley will be able to produce all unique products at one time, from different materials, or even use multiple materials. It can not only lower the costs but also make all kinds of new products. Watch the video below a new platform built for such a conveyor belt. On this production platform different materials as well as electronic components can be 3D printed.

This development will have a major impact on the manufacturing industry. The Economist this week published a special supplement on the third industrial revolution - digitization of industrial production. The Print Valley of TNO integrate software, new materials, new production processes and web applications will make specific mass customization possible. Many products can be affordable again to be produced in the western countries. TNO is currently working with industrial partners and other research institutes to make it possible.

Source: tno.nl


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