May.2, 2012

This is probably most high-tech blanket in the world, by throwing a blanket over an object it can turn a physical model into a 3D model.

Created by Studio NMinusOne at the University of Toronto's Responsive Architecture at Daniels school, IM Blanky is a self-positioning and representing blanket. It is embroidered with sensors, resistors, and conductive fabrics capable of monitoring object covered inside of it and produce real-time 3D model. The 104 tilt sensors are decorated in form of flower petals on the blanket using traditional Chinese embroidery technique. A set of conductive threads are featured as a base fabric.

The distribution of sensors is based on an underlying hexagonal structure. Each flower occupies a hexagonal cell, surrounded by six neighbors. As the software receives directional (N,S,E,W) input from a cell, it is able to reconstruct a slope based on the position of that cell and its immediate neighbors, generating essentially a surface of peaks and valleys. (Processing)

This blanket measures 7'7" x 4'2". Rodolphe el-Khoury and team of the University of Toronto has worked behind the IM Blanky. This project brings a new step in a few medical industries, for example doctors can use it to monitor a patient's breathing rate or record the real-time data of your body.

Credits: Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christos Marcopoulos, Carol Moukheiber, with Valentina Mele, Sebastian Savone, Yie Ping See, Jonah Ross Marrs, Samar Sabie, Dina Sabie

Source: rad.daniels & Domus


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