May 19, 2012

Makies, the customizable avatars went live this week as an alpha.

What is Makies?

A create-your-own 10" high action doll, complete with poseability, cute clothes, and removeable/changeable eyes & hair.

It is pretty simple: Go to the website, click "create your first Makie", You get to choose a boy or girl form to make, then choose what the face look like including eyes, nose, mouth, hair, even the width of the smile and shape of the hands and feeds, afterwards you get to create the outfit, give a name and save with your facebook or twitter acount, or create a new Makie account.

The team will 3d-print your doll, dress it up - clothes and accessories are added according to your choices. The doll is then sent to you in the mail. "What does a MAKIE feel like? Like unglazed porcelain, sort of."

How much does it cost you?
There are first 100 Alpha Edition MAKIES up for early adopters, each 3D printed MAKIE will cost you £99 inc VAT.

MakbieLab is the team behind of Makie founded by Alice Taylor and 3 partners. To find out more about MakieLab and its team, read our previous post "Customize your own 3D printed robot doll" here.

On site we see a list of things Makielab plans to do in the future, including creative tools and more patterns, games, for Tablet & Mobile etc. The Makie Beta will be there around October - look like Makielab is making its way to set foot in both digital and physical world.

Photo credit/Source: via New World Notes

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Justice wrote at 11/18/2015 6:48:18 PM:

I don't understand why they cost so much 115$ is not a right amount for a doll that just 10"!! Please make them for everyone!!

non of you busseins wrote at 9/5/2014 11:02:39 PM:

thanks so much

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