Jun.12, 2012

"Feeding seahorses is sometimes a challenge especially if feeding prepared foods. Print a simple seahorse feeding station with a 3D printer and make it that much easier. " - Shane Graber

Research scientist Shane Graber has been doing quite a few experiment with his Makerbot 3D printer, trying to make some useful items for fish breeding.

Seahorses are notoriously difficult to feed in any aquarium. This latest design, a seahorse feeding station, is inspired by the seahorse feeder from ATB. The ATB Seahorse Feeder attaches to 1-inch plastic pipe with an open end on top for inserting food. A tray is placed at the bottom so the food can be dispensed.

This ATB Seahorse Feeder has also a cute little hitching post that gives the seahorses to grab onto with their tails while they feed. A chunk of foam is secured at the top so the device can float in a seahorse tank. It can be adjusted up or down for different depths.

This is a simple device with a very specific purpose, but to put all parts together could take a while from sourcing all the parts.

With a 3D printer Graber is able to make his own design and print out within 2.5 hours. He made a model of the seahorse feeder in OpenSCAD and modified the design from ATB Seahorse Feeder so that each seahorse gets its own hitching post. The total material cost is only around $2-$3.

Not only is the feeder a great way to target feed your seahorses, it also minimizes the amount of food being 'lost' to the aquarium. A 3D printer can make all these so much easier.

images credit / Source: advancedaquarist


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Sylvia wrote at 5/17/2017 12:53:18 AM:

I need one of these feeders. Can I get the design? What brand of 3D printer was used?

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