Jun.15, 2012

"It appears that Delta Micro's UP! and UP! Mini are aiming to be a serious threat to Reprap and other personal 3D printer offerings in very short order." wrote Forrest Higgs in his blog.

He has recently purchased the UP! 3D printer from UP!'s American distributor Delta Micro and written a brief review of the printer.

Although Higgs had some drama with installing drivers because the manual instructions were written for Windows XP and he was using Windows 7, it appears the UP! is basically a plug-and-play printer with very simple construction.

The software is impressive especially the sophistication of the structural support capabilities. The prints worked out pretty well even for printing tiny objects.

The drawback Higgs mentioned was the material. Officially it only uses Delta supplied polymer - so even he was told that he could use whatever he wanted in the printer, but if he damaged the extruder by doing that it would cost him $300 to get a new one.

Another problem is diameter of filament the UP! uses. While the common filament available on the market is 1.75 mm UP! uses 1.7mm.

Read the complete story of Forrest Higgs' experiences here.

In the end Higgs concludes, "It strikes me that unless the quality and ease of use of UP! competitors makes a rather quick quantum leap they could easily find themselves to be a historical footnote in the history of 3D printing rather than a new paradigm of virally diffused technology."

Images credit / Source: technocraticanarchist

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High School Teacher wrote at 3/19/2013 2:19:15 PM:

Ours worked out of the box but then it stopped. I have emailed and called several times and the customer support is terrible. They don't get back to you or make excuses when they do. They had no problems contacting and helping me when we were ready to purchase. I've spent countless hours working on the printer. When I get it to work it runs for a dozen prints or less then stops extruding again. We are using only the material that was supplied with the printer. Wish we didn't waste our school budget on this machine. Skip buying this machine and go for one that has actual support.

Richard Clifton wrote at 1/23/2013 8:46:04 AM:

I also have a big issue with the platform, vibration and print quality. I saw in a blog that the manufacturers were offering to take the printer back if requested. Not sure how that works with the New Zealand legislation.

Mixart wrote at 12/3/2012 6:30:09 PM:

My friends, or you are speaking about the Up Plus or I have had very bad luck indeed with my mini.

mixart wrote at 11/25/2012 1:59:40 PM:

Up printer NOW IT´S DOWN. I received a mini Up printer from pp3dp on 07 November 2012 and I have had a lot of problem with it. The mini came with an unlevelled platform up to 1,7mm and lacks of any levelling mechanism. I sent them a lot of mails but Pp3dp people are joking with me and I feel cheated. I contacted with his manager Joseph Guo that at first seems to be willing to help, but finally hi does the same, never respond directly to my questions but tergiversate them. They repeated all the time to put some paper here and there to adjust the platform and advised me over and over to use the beta software to level the platform, but it does not work in my computer and make things even worse. My previous comments on their blog have disappeared and probably my last one will even not be published at all. They offered to me to send the printer back but I will lose the shipping and the taxes I paid. That is no fair and It’s not just money. I want to get some justice. They sell printer as OUT OF THE BOX that it’s very far to be true. After I spent my entire holiday time modifying the platform, today, Sunday 25 November 2012, I finally manage to modify the printer adding a levelling platform mechanism, but the printer vibrates a lot and still I have not been able to print something decent. Also any time I initialize the mini it lost his Z zero point and I have to set it again. The mini has been so cheaply made that due to the weak clips it would not last too long. My Mini came with one clip broken and anther broken up when I take off the platform. Delta system knows that the mini has a lot of problems but still today they are commercializing it anyway. I cannot understand how there are there people making positive review of the up mini printer. Anyway, I KNOW that there are a lot of people that have had the same issue than me. I will start a campaign on the Web to inform people about the way delta Micro System is cheating people. I really hope no one will fall anymore into being cheated by Delta Microsystem. I will update this post. mixart

MW wrote at 6/18/2012 10:39:21 AM:

I have printed kilo's and kilo's of ABS and PLA and the Up! is always giving great results. Filament diameter has never been a problem, I use all kinds of colors and ''brands''. I have seen lots of FDM printers but not one comes close in terms of quality, ease of use and of course price.

Julia Truchsess wrote at 6/16/2012 7:58:28 AM:

Yes, it is plug 'n play. I was printing within an hour of the box arriving at my door, and I'd never used a 3D printer before. Drivers installed without a hitch on Win 7 for me. I'm using it with Octave Systems' 1.75mm filament right now without problems. It comes with Mac software as well as Win, which is something even the Up! folks don't mention in their promo literature yet. The software is completely integrated: open an STL, arrange your part(s), click Print, select a few print and support density options, sit back and watch.

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