Jul.12, 2012

3D Model-To-Print (3DMTP) announced first cloud-based processing service available in North America that can make architectural 3D CAD, BIM, or SketchUp design a scaled printable model.

3DMTP is a privately owned and funded venture founded by a group of software entrepreneurs and architects aiming to provide a cost-effective solution for optimizing 3D models ready for 3D printers.

The technology is based on cutting-edge algorithms which study the geometric structure of the model, then identify and automatically fix problems that would have prevented it from successfully printing.

How to Get Started

First, log in to the 3DMTP Portal. Once you are ready to turn your design into a 3D printable model, upload your design file and set your parameters: scale, profile, and desired 3D printer. 3DMTP automatically processes the file without any additional operator interface. 3DMTP also fixes holes between polygons and facets, repairs reverse surfaces, changes the thickness of walls to minimum print tolerance for the selected printer, fixes non-volumetric geometry (making objects "watertight"), and fixes many other problems of degenerated geometry that otherwise would prevent the model from printing successfully.

3DMTP USA is also cultivating a 3D print network in the US and Canada, comprised of 3D printer dealers, BIM/CAD dealers, and 3D print providers such as architectural model shops and reprographics service bureaus to help support the printing demand.

"The solution that 3DMTP provides is one that has long been needed for our architectural customers," states Kevin Carr, General Manager of Imaging Division of Mastergraphics -- a a 3DMTP USA user, 3D print network member, and both an Autodesk and 3D Systems reseller with locations in Wisconsin, Chicago and Minneapolis. "Not only does it save hours--even days--in the process of preparing 3D architectural design for 3D printing, it also significantly reduces the cost to prepare the designs, making 3D printing a more usable and affordable option for those wanting to make models of their architectural designs."


Source: 3dmtpusa


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