Aug.27, 2012

"Het Klokhuis" is the oldest youth television show in the Netherlands, covering everything from the history of dinosaurs to how an iPhone is made. Dutch advertising agency Kesselskramer, in collaboration with Jethro Haynes applied 3D printing technology to stop motion title sequence "The Apple Core" for "Het Klokhuis".


Jethro Haynes is a model-maker/sculptor/illustrator and he made the models first in 3D for the planets, fish and other elements in the animation.

Making the models in 3D came with other advantages — we were able to plan the shoot quite precisely. Using 3D software we were able to work out what size plinth we needed to build, what camera lens would offer minimum distortion and how far back it would need to be. We were also shooting at two different scales, and Ben here at Nexus was were able to set it up so that the camera and background wouldn't need to change when we swapped between these.

Using 3D printing process from Shapeways the team could print simple shells for the whole apples used for the stop motion sequence, as well as all core models to fill up with each apple's insides.

The team 3D printed a sequence of 25 individual models using Shapeways' White, Strong & Flexible material, one for each stage that shows the apple's centre disappearing as if melting. These were then painted up in green.

The final result is quite surreal, it is glossy and looks very close to how the original models looked when rendered on computer.

Read more at The Art of the Title Sequence, where Johnny Kelly provides a lot of behind-the-scenes details on the production process.


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