Sep.2, 2012

A board game can be very fun because it is often based on strategy with a goal to achieve. The team at Ill Gotten Games is introducing their first fully-realized board game Pocket-Tactics to the board game fans.

Pocket-Tactics is "a fast-paced, modular strategy board game that all fits in a tiny bag." Unlike the expensive board games in the market that you often need to pay $100 for a set, Pocket-Tactics is an open source miniatures game that you can print all pieces on a 3D printer, including dice.

All of the pieces were designed using Tinkercad and printed on a Makerbot Replicator. Arian Croft, the designer of Pocket Tactics said 3D printing technology allows them to turn the little game into a reality in just few days - "I conceived the game on a Tuesday and by that Friday morning had a working, fully painted copy. "

The team keeps the Pocket-Tactics free to all 3D printing enthusiasts and they encourage fans to modify existing ones in the Tinkercad.

You can download the beta version of the game on the Thingiverse here. At the bottom of downloadable files you can find the PDFs of the rules and stat sheets. If you 3D print your own board game with Pocket-Tactics remember to send the team at Ill Gotten Games some nice pictures!


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