Sep.5, 2012

If you like gardening and enjoy working with plants, you will like these garden accessories created using a 3D printer.

Alex English of Proto Paradigm, maker and 3D printing enthusiast who provided some free designs of 3D printable lids for Mason jars earlier, again he offers many free designs for garden accessories.

1. Seed Spacer

Determining right plant spacing in mixtures has many benefits to the plants. The seed spacer from Alex English is a manual spacing tool for sowing seeds at different spacings in a hexagonal pattern.

When planted in a tight hexagonal pattern, the leaves of plants will shade the soil, which keeps the soil cooler and slows evaporation. The denser spacing also helps control weeds because the established garden plants will work to crowd weeds out and keep them from coming in. Lastly, tighter spacing means you can get more produce per square foot from your garden.

Alex uploaded STL files for spacers with 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch spacing. After printing, simply just press the spacer into the soil to make three holes, then lift, rotate, and position the spacer with two of the prongs in two of the previously made holes; repeat.

2. Slug Trap

Slugs could destroy spring planting like peas and beans when they get too many. The slug trap designed by Alex English is easy to use: fill the reservoir about 1/2 - 2/3 full with beer, put the lid on and place in the garden. Slugs are attracted to beer, so after a rain you can just check the trap, most likely some greedy slugs are caught there.

3. Garden trellis netting hook

The simple hook from Alex English is designed for hanging a garden trellis net for peas and green beans. Simple but useful. Get the file on Thingiverse here.

Also many Thingiverse users provides their "green" use of 3D printing, such as an evil face planter, a watering spout and garden rake.

Watering spout for 2 liter bottle

You probably have a lot of 2 liter bottle at home, download, print and screw this watering spout on top. A nice and simple accessory for watering your plants.

Garden Rake

This small 3-prong garden rake is designed by tlalexander, a handy tool for a little garden.


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Bah wrote at 5/4/2013 12:28:20 AM:

The real deal is to print a garden seeder!! cause it's absolutely overpriced !!

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