Sep.6, 2012

Harvest Films' new director Stephan Malik turned his keen eye and talent to the extraordinary realm of 3D printing in a film for Shapeways. The film is a look into the Shapeways vision, community and 3D printing magic.

For many, 3D printing remains an unbelievable, futuristic technology that creates physical objects from thin air. In the spirit of seeing is believing, Shapeways' Marketing Director Carine Carmy and Director Stephan Malik traveled to five cities around the world, to interview people from the Shapeways team and creative community. The film weaves together compelling stories and beautiful imagery to illuminate how 3D printing is going to democratize product design and, in doing so, change the world.

"We're hoping that this film will inspire people of all backgrounds to re-imagine the world around them and take a more active role in creating the objects that populate their lives," says Carine Carmy. "Stephan was the perfect partner in creating a film that shows what 3D printing makes possible."


Source: digitalmedianet


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