Nov.9, 2012

Atlanta-based Hyrel 3D has successfully reached its $50,000 goal in its latest Kickstarter campaign. The Hyrel 3D printer will have the expandable and upgradable features build into it. While Hyrel 3D is busy with their Kickstarter production run, it is said Hyrel 3D is also in the process of developing a full-color 3D printer.

The next generation 3D printer will have a three-color extruder head: it will extrude red, green and blue color for 3D models. The new system will blend the colors and these colors can then be printed at any opacity. Plus you will have full control of the texture, shading and overall color of 3D prints.

Although we have already full-color 3D printers in the market, such as the ZPrinter 650 (5 print heads, including black) and ZPrinter 850 from 3D Systems, which are capable to print 390,000 colors, the price $60,000+ US is just too expensive for individuals and small business units. Hyrel 3D's effort in developing full-color 3D printer could possibly bring quality 3D prints to the masses very soon.

(image credit: Hyrel 3D)

According to Hyrel's Daniel Hutchinson, Mac OS X users will be able to use the completed full-color 3D printer through the free, open source Pleasant 3D software and will be able to print to any of the company's printers from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with VNC software installed and configured on the device.

The full-color 3D printer is still in development and price will be in the $5,000 range. It is expected to be released in third quarter/autumn of 2013.


Source: maclife


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Steve McCarron wrote at 11/26/2012 2:51:12 PM:

Very exciting. Jon asked, "how do you get white. I reckon you use a white filament. Great work, can I buy a machine now? Hi from the UK

Jon wrote at 11/9/2012 7:26:44 PM:

Interesting. I don't understand how you can have a full color 3d printer using red,green, and blue. How would you get white? Besides, RGB is for transmissive mixing of colors (light). Mixing reflective colors is best accomplished by using CMYK, (but then again, how would you get white or tints of color? We'll have to see how this plays out I guess.

Ben wrote at 11/9/2012 5:30:51 PM:

Nice idea, but do you have some proof of concept ? Because we all know that dreams can not always move in the real world - and this is first problem. How you want mixed the colors ? Do you have any special software for it ?

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