Nov.12, 2012

How to easily make cylindrical lithophanes? Early lithophanes were made by specialized craftsmen beginning as an image carved in warm wax on a glass plate. Currently with 3D printers lithophane creation can be easily realized by any hobbyists.

Jamie at 3DPrinterGear made a few very nice cylindrical lithophanes using Photo to Mesh V3 and an UP! 3D printer. Photo To Mesh is a Windows application which creates 3D meshes from photographs and other images, and the meshes can then be saved as DXF or STL files for 3D printing.

(Image credit: Photo to Mesh)

These prints are printed at 0.15mm layer height in natual ABS plastic material. The cylinder has a diameter of 80mm and height 100mm. The one below "has 3 photos printed on the outside. Done by stitching 3 photos together then importing it as one new photo."

Below is a print I made without any smoothing. I had falsely thought the printer wasn't capable of resolving the full detail, but I was stunned at just how good it could look.

(Images credit: 3DPrinterGear)

What makes a lithophane unique? It is cherished memories and important events in our lives. Thanks to the new 3D printing technology that our memories can be uniquely displayed at an affordable price.


Source: 3DPrinterGear


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