Nov.12, 2012

Jos Scheepers of MaukCC launched his new CartesioLD 3D printer, which has a larger build volume than the previous Cartesio M(edium) V0.5. It has a build volume of 200x400x200mm (LxDxH) and comes standard with a 3D print extruder and a large heated build platform.

Cartesio is a feature rich professional CNC router. It supports a wide range of tools ig. 3D-print extruder and engraver.

Thanks to the proportional design, one can easily make Cartesio bigger or smaller by only changing 3 components. All other components are standard. With the optional tool changer, its possible to print multiple colors, or materials.

Unique features:

  • whisper printing (ultra quiet)
  • very rigid build platform which does not move in X,Y direction.
  • high precision GTM (gantry tool movement)
  • automatic print head cleaning
  • printable upgrades
  • optional engraving tool with software speed control
  • CDC (cable drag chains) cable protection


  • Feed rates: X/Y axis 12.000 mm/min Z axis 800 mm/min
  • Print speed: Fillament 1.7mm Nozzle 0.5mm : 100mm/sec. Fillament 3mm Nozzle 0.5mm : 75mm/sec. Fillament 3mm Nozzle 0.35mm : 50mm/sec.
  • Resolution: X and Y : 14,75micrometer Z : 1micrometer. Because we are working with plastics that are heated (expanding) and then cooled (crimping) the working resolution is 0.1 mm
  • LxWxH: 710x420x420mm
  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Firmware: Marlin for Cartesio (open source)
  • Slicing: Slic3r (open source)
  • Host: pronterface (open source)

Watch the video below the CartesioLD printing a vase/lampshade at 150mm/sec.


The CartesioLD 3D printer is available for pre-order now and its price is EUR2,238.50 / USD2,846 / GBP1,792 (Ex Tax: 1,850.00€). The Lead time is around 3-4 weeks.

As an addition to the new CartesioLD, Jos presented CartesioLDMP(Mass Production) which is capable to print multiple identical parts at the same time in different colors or different materials.

The CartesioLDMP has 4 extruders and because of the large build volume of the CartesioLD, one can print 4 parts as big as 100x200x200mm at the same time.

The video below showing CartesioLDMP printing the Motor Brackets at 100mm/sec.

The Cartesio LDMP will be available in early 2013, as well as dual and quad extruder option.

Source: MaukCC


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