Nov.30, 2012

Although for many people 3D printing is still an elusive concept, the technology is continuously evolving and we are moving closer towards a world where more and more complicated parts are printed on a 3D printer. A Japanese robotics company developed Brave Robotics transformer autobot to those of you who wished to own one, and their latest model, 1/12 scale transformer robot Version 7.2 is developed using a custom 3D printer.

The inventor Kenji Ishida spent months building this Transformer-style robot that can switch between a luxury vehicle to a standing robot. In addition to being remote controlled and transformable, this robot can now fire plastic projectiles from its arms and has a camera that can send live footage over a Wi-Fi connection.

(images credit: Brave Robotics)

You can order the transformer robot online but I am afraid you are bit late now: Ishida is selling only 10 units of the latest version. But a price has not yet been disclosed. The robot will pre-programmed and fully assembled along with numbered robot case, wireless controller, battery and charger, a "motion edit software" and a serial cable. Once you've placed your order, the delivery time is about a month.

The Brave Robotics will be on display at Maker Faire Tokyo next week. The company has also big plans for the future: they will release a 1:8 scale transformer in 2013, and a "super AI system" equipped version at 1:5 scale in 2015. Well, if you save enough money you probably can get a life-sized transforming robot car by 2030.


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