Jan.2, 2013

Omote3D in Japan was not the first company in the world offering customers the chance to be full-body scanned and given an action figure-sized replica of themselves, but definitely the most famous one. With all the interest building in 3D printing, it's only a matter of time before companies in different countries starts experimenting with 3D photo printing, and now it is happening in China.

Elite Robotics in Xi'an set up the first 3D photo booth in China. The process starts with a 15-minute scan with a handheld scanner. The raw data can then be modified and tweaked in a 3D software. Customers can choose their favorite color used to print their models. Using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer a plastic replica can be printed out in two or three hours.

(Images credit: hsw.cn)

Elite Robotics was founded in Sept. 2011 and it designs and produces cutting-edge robots and intelligent machines for Chinese market. It is now a distributor of MakerBot 3D printer in China.


Source: hsw.cn



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