Jan.5, 2013

Back in May 2012, co-founder Andy Millins of 3D technology and production company Inition in UK shows the process of how to make a life-sized chocolate brain with scanner and 3D printing.

Inition is a company that gets deeply involved with 3D printing technology. At 3D Printshow 2012, Inition showcased the world first augmented reality/3D print combination proof-of-concept application that augmented computer graphic animations onto a real world 3D printed building of the Eli & Edy Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University.

Inition described the technology as "augmented 3D-printing".

Inition worked with global architects Zaha Hadid to recreate an iPad-based augmented reality of the museum that people could look inside the model and explore each area and track how wind flows around.

"This transfers well to the smaller scale of 3D printing, allowing for direct visual context as an overlay on to a real world replica of the project and intuitive, useable and accessible navigation." said Shaun Farrell, Practice BIM Manager, Zaha Hadid Architects.

The model was positioned on a marker mat. By pointing an iPad at the 3D model, architects can call up a variety of information overlays that combine with the physical model. Several 'layers' could be selected, including a multi-coloured thermal flow that caressed the building as if it were really there. Another selection surrounded the model with foliage, roads, people and cars; allowing people to gage how it would look in situ. To locate the building, and standing far back, a map filled the entire screen and one could even look at different floors inside the building.

This technology could be particularly useful to architects when reviewing their designs or presenting to clients, "It's much easier than showing traditional architectural plans," said Millins. "The technology could be used to simulate events such as fire evacuations, displaying the way people would leave a building or move through a park or urban district."

(Images credit: Inition)

Watch the introduction videos below:


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