Jan.7, 2013

CBS news Charlie Rose interviewed one of the most innovative thinkers of our time, David Kelley, the founder of the Silicon Valley global design firm IDEO. His company has created thousands of breakthrough inventions including the first computer mouse for Apple, the stand-up toothpaste tube, and a better Pringle for Procter & Gamble. IDEO may be the most influential product design company in the world.

IDEO is a pioneer in something known as "design thinking" -- an innovative approach that incorporates human behavior into design.

David Kelley: The big thing about design thinking is it allows people to build on the ideas of others. Instead of just having that one thread, you think about it, I come up with an idea, and then somebody from somewhere else says, "Oh that makes me think we should do this," and then we could do that. And then you get to a place that you just can't get to in one mind.

At IDEO, breakthrough ideas happen every day here. They throw a bunch of people with different backgrounds together in a room, such as an anthropologist, and a business person and an engineer and a computer scientist etc. And they encourage wild ideas and visualize solutions by making actual prototypes.

David Kelley: If you want to improve a piece of software, all's you have to do is watch people using it and see where they grimace and then correlate that to where they are in the software. And you could fix that, right? And so the thing is to really build empathy, try to understand people through observing them.

David Kelley is a maker himself and is capable of making and fixing things. His latest project at home is tinkering in his workshop with his 15-year-old daughter. Their project is to make a 3D printer, a printrbot.

Watch the video below or read the full transcript on cbsnews here.






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