Jan.13, 2013

The stylish TIMESQUARE DIY Watch is an awesome good looking watch that has a 8x8 bit matrix display and a repurposed silicone watch band for a professional look.

64 LEDs light up to tell you the time in a variety of ways. Built into the kit are 3 different watch 'faces' - a scrolling marquee with time and date, a binary watch display (for geeks, robots and binary fans), and a moon phase display (for beach-combers, werewolves). There's also a built in battery meter so you can check your battery life.

You can buy it for $29.95 on Adafruit shop, or you can simply DIY this watch. It requires some basic soldering/assembly to put together, what you need is an FTDI Friend and the Arduino IDE, and also some knowledge of how to read and write Arduino code.

Love the watch and wanna to have a custom watch body? Adafruit's Matt Griffin created a watch enclosure that transforms the right angles of the original kit into quite a different friendly, organic shape. It can also be attached to the strap of a backpack or worn as a necklace fob or pocket watch.

Griffin uploaded all of the files and references you need to create your own derivative TIMESQUARE enclosure. He guides you through the steps from creating a 3D model to 3D printing and proofing your models and provides tips and tricks to help you to design your own watch band. All you need is completed TIMESQUARE DIY Watch electronics, dependable digital calipers, 3D CAD / Modeling software and a 3D printer. Check the full tutorial here.





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