Jan.21, 2013

China is likely to draw a long-term route map for 3D printing technology and to use tax incentives to speed up its development, said Bo Su, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China at 2012 International Additive Manufacturing Forum and the 6th China National Additive Manufacturing Conference in December 2012. Currently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is making 3D printing related strategic plans and will announce them after National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in March, 2013.

Last Friday (Jan 19), the Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) technology developed by Wang Hua Ming for producing large complex titanium alloy aircraft component is granted with National Technology Invention Awards.

Meanwhile, World 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing) Industry Conference 2013 and investment projects cooperation conference is announced to be held in late May in Beijing.

Theme: To accelerate transformation of existing production system through technology innovation

Sub themes:

  1. Development status and trend analysis of additive manufacturing (3D printing);
  2. Prototype manufacturing applications and development outlook;
  3. Direct manufacturing of large metal structure products;
  4. Desktop 3D printing technology's development and trends;
  5. Development outlook of industrial 3D printing technology;
  6. Metal composite material breakthroughs and innovation;
  7. The development of 3D printer industry;
  8. Innovation in industrial design;
  9. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) and new industrial revolution;
  10. Analysis of 3D printing technology in the field of biology, medicine and other applications.

To support the 3D printing industry in China, the organizers, Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA), China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance plan to establish innovation centers in ten industrial cities in 2013. These innovation centers are designed to be research, science and education training, industrial creation and design and headquarters bases.

Affected by the above news, 9 3D printing related stocks in China reached their daily trading limit.

China's economic data released last week shows that the country's economy grew 7.9 percent in the fourth quarter of last year from a year earlier, rebounding after seven straight quarters of slowdown. But an uncertain global outlook means Beijing may need to keep tweaking policy to support growth. 3D printing could bring part of manufacturing back to the west, but it is a technology that could also benefit China. If the technology can be put to broader use, the country's productivity will improve greatly. Considering the huge market out there even if the smallest portion of consumer goods are produced through 3D printing, the market volume will be tremendous.



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Steve Wang wrote at 1/28/2013 8:17:59 PM:

Thanks a lot Anja

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Steve Wang wrote at 1/27/2013 10:52:16 AM:

Hi, Can you please name the NINE 3d Printing Stocks listed on the Chinese exchange as quoted in your article above. Thanks in Advance

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Which are the leading Universities in 3D Research and Commercialization? Can any one respond to it with cogent data from personal experience.

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