Jan.23, 2013

Using simple yet illustrative analogies to help non-scientists understand his scientific discovery process - in the video below Biomedical Researcher Jordan Miller explains to his young audience why he's registered to be an organ donor.

Jordan Miller, Ph.D. is a post-doctoral researcher in the Tissue Microfabrication Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. The critical shortage of organ donors motivates his research to develop suitable replacement technologies. Miller involved with the 3D printing community since its infancy and he uses a RepRap 3D printer to print sugar filaments for research in regenerative medicine and credits open-source collaboration and the maker movement as important contributors to the success of his research.

From TEDxYouth@SanDiego:

This exciting research is an important complement to advances medical researchers have made in 3-D printing bioidentical human tissue and organs in the lab. it's a remarkable prospect for the future of organ transplantation.


Deriving inspiration from a cross section of bread and the sugar structure arcing over his dessert, Dr. Miller describes how he combined his background in regenerative medicine, a passion for the maker movement and reliance on worldwide open sourcing to develop viable 3-D printed vascular systems that he demonstrates actually transporting blood.





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