Jan.25, 2013

Bi-Ying Miao and her boyfriend and design partner Matt Compeau started their studio, Hot Pop Factory in 2012. Hot Pop Factory is a jewellery studio creating one of a kind pieces on a 3D printer. "For all the ideas that were too complex, expensive, impractical or just too wild to construct into buildings, we want to make into 3D Printed wearable ART." They say.

"Few months ago, a client asked us to come up with a fun 3D printed Holiday gift for each of their employees. Since we have been totally obsessed with 3D scanning since the Eamesunk Chair Remix. For this project, we decided to remix the human body to create personalized Pez dispenser heads!" Noted the designers in the blog. (Pez: the brand name of an Austrian candy and their mechanical pocket dispensers. )

Here are their process: First of all they scanned all the employees using an XBOX Kinect.

After the digital 3D models were generated, they did some patchwork and cleaning up with MeshMixer. Then they add the Pez connection to the head in 3D modeling software.

Time to print on a Makerbot Replicator! Totally they have printed 32 Pez heads.

The 3D printed heads are then installed on the dispesers.

Big smile...Success!

(Images credit: Hot Pop Factory)






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