Jan.29, 2013

After Nokia released its 3D printing file for the Lumia 820 covers, engineers at i.Materialise printed out a few shells and found out the plans provided are too brittle to be used.

i.Materialise decided to do more testing to find out a solution. After some tinkering they finally printed out a functional Nokia Lumia 820 case. They made the following changes for 3D printing:

- Made the walls of the file thicker (from 0.9mm to 2mm)

- Adjusted and fine-tuned the button functionality

- Decided upon the best print orientation

- Choose the best materials to print in

i.Materialise optimized the design to make it work for laser sintering, stereolithography, polyjet and fused deposition modeling (cf. Makerbot).

The company uploaded the modified design on Thingiverse and you are free to download the file to customize it or print it with your own 3D printer.





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