Feb.1, 2013

New York-based Floored unveils an impressive 3D modeling software that generates 3D models of interior spaces for the commercial real estate market.

Floored's software works with 3D models generated by Matterport, a 3D scanner that allows users to basically point a gun and do instantaneous scan-to-model of their surrounding environment, for example your house, without point clouds in the middle.

Floored is the first company to build data on top of Matterport's 3D models. Its software could clean up the models and collect data, such as dimensions or window space. It allows users to work on the model, moving furniture, walls, or adding windows, sunlight to test it. Users can simply experiment it from browser. "Once you have a 3D model, you want to see what's possible with it," CEO Dave Eisenberg says.

The company has made an iPad app that allows professionals show 3D models directly to their client. The iPad app can be download on iTune.

Floored, founded by Dave Eisenberg, Dustin Byrne and Judy He, has raised $1 million in seed funding. Backers include Lerer Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Red Swan Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Dave Vivero (founder of Rentjuice) and Thomas Lehrman (co-founder of Gerson Lehrman Group).

In beta mode, the company has already done work for 35 companies, including Stonehedge, a commercial and residential real estate company with a $2.2 billion portfolio. Prices range from from $.20-$1.00 per square foot, depending on size and space complexity.

There are parallels between the 3D scanning industry and 3D printing. Once 3D printers go mainstream and become a commonly owned household item, the value of 3D printing will be in the software built around the device and the ways to buy, create or share designs. Floored is predicting the same thing will happen with 3D scanning.

"It's the first practical application of virtual reality," he says.


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