Feb.6, 2013

Berlin based Trinckle 3D launches their "Trinckle" beta online, a new 3D printing marketplace for sharing your 3D designs. Trinckle users can upload their design, rate 3D models, purchase unique models and gadgets, sell their own design. In addition Tinckle provides also 3D printing services for three-dimensional objects.

Trinckle 3D's marketplace features a "configure" function that user can scale the model, choose color, material and the available printing method. Real-time preview image and prices are shown immediately. In addition user gets also a "quick selection" option that he/she can simply select "largest", "full color", "best resolution" or "lowest price" for checking the price of 3D printing.

The team behind Trinckle 3D includes Marlene Vogel, Gunnar Schulze and Florian Reichle. Supported by Freien University Berlin, Trinckle 3D's project has been awarded as an innovative business idea in the information and communication technologies (ICT) by the Federal Ministry of Economics in Germany.



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