Feb.28, 2013

Just like music and entertainment industry, in the future printable 3D models will be all downloadable via internet. Recently there are quite a few new sites coming up. Charlotte, NC based SpiveyWorks Corporation launched today MakerShop, an online 3D printer design shop community.


MakerShop is a platform that entrepreneurs could host, distribute and brand designs to be 3D printed.

The difference between MakerShop and other websites that host 3D designs is it gives shops a blog and integrates with other websites for customers to print their designs.

People that have a 3D printer at home can press one button to download the files for free or for a fee, or press a button to have the item 3D printed locally by someone in their community.

Right now it is free for shop owners to set up shops, blogs and list items. In later 2013 some new functionality or mass listings will be available to paid subscribers.


Another coming-soon site is Azavy, founded by Lucas Eggers '13, Tyler Benster '13, Mark Fischer, and Michael Anderson. It is an online platform for decentralized 3D printing that consumers buy products designed and manufactured by users.

Everyone can upload a design and receive compensation for each purchase. Owners of 3D printers can place bids to print that object, Azavy then chooses the best bidder according to their price, quality and delivery time so that people could get the most value.

Azavy will come online soon. Watch the video below the introduction of Azavy.


California based Modelyst is another startup. There is only a landing page here and some brief information about the site:

an all-in-one 3D printing service that allows users to: -Download, sell, create, share, purchase, send and gift 3D printing models, designs, and much more...


We have begun development on the website and some of the more advanced features are progressing well. On our current bootstrap budget it seams as though we will have a minimum viable product around December of this year.

So, a little more patience required...







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