Mar.9, 2013

While Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars from Universe Architecture in Amsterdam plans to print a one-piece "endless" building latest in year 2014, and Softkill Design, a London based design collective, is working on a second version of the 3D printed Protohouse, another Dutch studio, DUS Architects, is planning to build the first 3D-printed canal house in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has been building new houses, the "Amsterdam canal belts", around the city since year 1613, 400 years ago. The canal houses are a symbol of Amsterdam, representing the history of the 'Golden Age'. Now 400 years later, DUS Architects will make the first canal house at the 'Northern Canal Belt' of the city with help of 3D printing technology.

The canal house is a place for education and co-creation. It will be 3D-printed entirely. DUS Architects will work with KamerMaker, the world's first large-scale movable 3D printer, or 3D printing pavilion. The design of each building component will be first 3D printd on a "small" 3D printer, at a scale of 1:20. When the design is optimal, the KamerMaker will then print out each room in one piece.

The construction will start in the next six months. The printing procedure is directly visible to all people in Amsterdam, as a continuously growing exhibition. In the winter of 2013, the first floors and facades of the house will be finished. Currently the printing material is polypropylene, but DUS Architects hopes in the near future to use recycled plastic as material.

The first room will be used as the Welcoming room, where all guests are being welcomed and digitally produced products are exhibited. Later every room within the canal house will be dedicated to a specific research theme, such as the "Recycle Room" where material such as used plastic bottles is gathered and shreddered into printable matter for the KamerMaker; or the "Construction Room" where new print techniques and new usages for the building industry are developed."

By building these rooms together with many specific (research) partners, new ideas and solutions are directly tested and exhibited. Just as 400 years ago, the program of the canal house is aimed at trade and innovation, with an aesthetic appearance, and build with today's modern means. Inside the canal house there is always room fornew insights and encounters. New rooms emerge from input by the market and the public. This way, the knowledge expands as the canal house expands.






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Erik de Bruijn, Ultimaker co-founder wrote at 3/10/2013 4:21:10 PM:

Perhaps it's worth it to mention that the technology is partly provided by Xtrution (large extruder), Ultimaker (3D printing tech) and welding and body work is done by Fiction Factory.

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