Mar.11, 2013

MakerBot's website,, announcd the winners of its Customizer Challenge.

Built on the program OpenSCAD, the MakerBot Thingiverse Customizer lets experienced designers upload templates that anyone can modify on the web to create the 3D printable parts in any number of ways. People with no experience are encouraged to jump into the game to experience 3D design. MakerBot launched a Customizer Challenge on Jan.23, 2013 and challenged designers to create new items that can be customized.

Winners were selected in three categories: Artistic, Useful and Wearable.

Here are the winners:

The most Artistic: Parametric Music Box by Wizard23

This music box is a 100 percent printed customizable music box. By placing the printed nubs at different intervals, different songs can be played.

See the 3D printed Parametric Music Box play Frère Jacques on YouTube.

The most Useful: Wall Plate Customizer by TheNewHobbyist

NewHobbyist created an OpenSCAD model that allows you to pick from a list of 18 types of connector/outlet styles which then generates a 3D model correctly oriented and modeled to be immediately 3D printed. The design allows users to pick any width from one to five "plates" wide and should match existing screw holes in your existing electrical boxes.

The most Wearable: Bird Pendant by Benjamin

This bird pendant generator allows the user to customize the opening angle of his tail, the number of feathers on it, and the ratio of separation between the upper and lower part of his beak. Everything is parametric!

The winners in each category will receive a MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer, and winning designs were showcased at SXSW Interactive at the MakerBot booth. Congratulations to the winners!






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