April 2, 2013

We all love dunking cookies, but when there's not enough milk left in the glass you just have to drop it in the milk and fish it out with a fork (in most of the case).

Sam Feller from Awkward Engineer Creations wants to solve this problem. He designed "the most perfectly shaped cup for dunking a cookie in milk" - High milk displacement cookie dunker.

Based on the Archimedes principle, the cookie dunker collects milk in a narrow groove where you can dunk the cookie. It has a stable base and a wide month for easy dunking at low milk levels.

The cookie dunker has been engineered to give you the most dunkage for any given volume of milk. To design the perfect cup for dunking cookies, the team has created 3D CAD models of cookie dunker in different shapes and printed them out on a 3D printer. These 3D prints could help them decide the best shape and thickness for the cup.

Working with local companies the team is able to manage the sourcing, production, assembly, packaging, storage locally within one hour drive. This is a good example demonstrating how a small startup uses 3D printer to develop their idea and uses Kickstarter to raise funds for production.

The final product is made of high quality, BPA free, food grade plastics that can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. After working months on the project and eating up several packages cookies the team has finally launched the project on Kickstarter. You can now get the two pack of the cookie dunk cup for just $23.



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