April 4, 2013

In early March three U.C. Berkeley students, David Pastewka, Richard Berwick and Will Drevno launched Dreambox, a 3D printing vending machine providing automated 3D printing services.

At the end of March the first Dreambox 3D printer was installed in Etcheverry Hall at UC Berkeley. This first prototype makes use of a MakerBot Replicator and students could order prints by logging onto the Dreambox website and uploading the 3D file. After submitting the payment the customer can receive an access code for a locker.

When the print is complete, the part will be stored in a locked drawer for safekeeping until you pick it up. The price range of each print is from $3 to $15. In the future the company will also add more vendors' 3D printer to ensure more materials to be used in Dreambox.



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