April 5, 2013

We've seen how Heather Dewey-Hagborg created 3D portrait sculptures using DNA samples and 3D printer, and now Dutch design studio Tjep. is making DNA-mapped furniture for home that speak of your personality.

In collaboration with Eric Wolthuis of DutchDNA, Frank Tjepkema, founder of Tjep. is making these unique work of art by taking genetic profiles, mapping them with 3-D imaging, and transforming a person's individual DNA into one-of-a-kind creations.

(Credit: DutchDNA)

The project began with the idea of DNA-based jewelry, but when Wolthuis reached out to Tjepkema with the idea, both realized how much potential genetic mapping had for design. They extended the idea to furniture, which they considered a sort of symbolic extension of people.

Their first DNA Furniture is the Darwin table that has been made from the DNA extracted from Eric Wolthuis' daughter, Giulia. And its abstract shape imitates Giulia's flexibility and motion as a dancer.

(Credit: DutchDNA)

The whole process of creating these pieces is done at BaseClear Laboratories in the Netherlands. Tjepkema starts with a DNA profile from a sample of saliva taken with a swab. He creates a design program to translate unique "DNA fingerprint" with 16 variable markers into a visual depiction of the DNA pattern, according to Wired. Both the 2D and 3D forms of the DNA can be used to design a specific piece.

"When I was asked to work with an abstract series of numbers I was thrown back into a world without cultural references and this was actually quite liberating," Tjepkema tells Wired. "I had an excuse to make something abstract within a given conceptual framework. The resulting designs are either completely abstract, in which case the data itself was source of inspiration or a combination of a symbolic reference. The data in itself is very hard and raw but it opened up a whole new intuitive territory."

Tjepkema and Wolthuis will present their first exhibition of DNA furniture and jewelry, called "Future Nostalgia," at Ventura Lambrate in Milan later this month. After the exhibition DutchDNA and Tjep. will start accepting custom orders for DNA mapped furniture pieces, no prices are listed yet.

If you are looking for furniture pieces that truly define you, a genetically inspired bed, table or desk would probably be the best choice.



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