April 8, 2013

RappiDelta is an all aluminium construction printer which allows for fast and efficient production. It is a large format 3D printer based on the delta concept from Johann Rocholl.

An early test of the concept was performed with eggs for demonstrating accurate position control:

The prototype RappiDelta

The current design has a 400mmx400mmx300mm build area. The kit comes complete with optical enstops for better accuracy and repeatability.

The 3D print sample below was printed at around 40mm/sec and a layer thickness of 100 microns.

Below is a time lapse video of another Yoda bust printed at 400 microns.

In addition RappiDelta has also the capability (with additional hardware) to scan 3d objects. Instead of rotating the object on a platform it uses the delta arms to move around the object. High resolution camera can be attached to the print head and servo motors will ensure that the 'scanner' is always pointing at and focussed on the object. Below is a prototype of RappiDelta scanner. The integrated scanner is still under development and the plan is to develop 2 types of scanner, one that can use a normal webcam and 123d Catch from Autodesk and another can use Structures Light Scanning and the David Laser Scanner software.

RappiDelta DIY kit is offered at the price of £575 ($877 / €674) on Kickstarter, Check it out here.



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Octavian Tudora wrote at 2/2/2014 12:22:00 PM:

camera takes imprecise fotos. will not be more easy a Rotating table instead?

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