April 22, 2013

Last month the Middle East's first 3D printing shop was opened in Beirut's Mar Mikhael neighborhood.

This studio called Rapid Manufactory is founded by French architect Guillaume Crédoz, who spent 20 years in architecture business. It is the first place right on the street in Lebanon to offer design & modeling, 3D scanning, rapid manufacturing and prototyping of objects directly from CAD data. In addition they also offer production of micro-series through investment casting and ceramic mold.

In order to explore the technology and attract a wider range of customers, Crédoz's team has developed a variety of material compounds, for example a blend of polyamide and cement which can be used to produce precise concrete models, etc.

The price of 3D printing service is around $1-$4 per cubic centimeter, depending on the materials the customer requires. Here you can find the price list.

Since the opening of the 3D printing shop, Crédoz's team has already helped one local inventor design and print out his new invention, a kitchen tool for selecting consistently sized portions of pasta which he plans on patenting it.

So far, Crédoz's 3D printing shop has printed a new water pump for a man's car; molecules for chemistry students; an iPhone case that doubles as a stand for watching movies.

As an architect Crédoz has also used 3D scanning and 3D printing for his own work which are often ordered by local architects.

(Images credit: Rapid Manufactory)

Even though Crédoz is happy with the innovation he has brought to the area, he is also aware that soon there will be more competition in the area.

"It won't be like this for long. Others will come soon. Maybe Doculand will start 3-D printing." said Crédoz to dailystar. While he doesn't expect them to have the same expertise in chemistry and 3-D printing, he believes he could face competition from newcomers making rougher models for designers needing multiple prototypes.

But for now, Crédoz is happy with his current setup and eager to see the impact that his new service will make in the market in Lebanon.




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Melanie Keeley wrote at 6/22/2014 6:55:29 PM:

Guillaume Credoz is clearly doing great work in Beirut and congratulations to him! However, D2m Solutions FZE, based in Dubai have been providing 3D printing Services from 2009, so clearly the Beirut shop is a 'first for Lebanon' but not for Dubai.

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